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As a believer, God has called us to do the works of Jesus throughout our lives. We’re called to live an extraordinary life by the same anointing in which Jesus lived his life. The beauty of it is that you have a family of believers around you with the same calling. We are all partners in his life. And our partnership is powerful.

God has not called any of us to be alone in ministering to the people whom he loves so much. According to Ephesians 4:16, He has joined and knit us together so we can grow together and function as one body. First of all, we are joined together with Jesus by the Holy Spirit. And second, we are joined to one another by the same Holy Spirit.

We have known for years that through the power of partnership among his people, God is able to fulfill all he has in his heart to do to bring his kingdom to earth. Partnership is his plan. His plan works. Our part is to work his plan.

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