The vision God gave Michael is taken from judges, chapter 6:1through to judges chapter 7:25

Raise up 300 mighty warriors for the end time, Healing revival.I clearly remember waking up that morning on the 5th. July 2021 and having a real sense of the Lord’s presence, knowing that He was wanting to share something very important with me. So I went into quiet mode and worship mode sensing Him all around me.

I have had this experience twice before in my life.

The first time was in October 1981 when the glory of the Lord entered the counselling room where I gave my heart to Jesus and he called me to” Go into all the world and preach the gospel.

The second time was in 2001 in my hotel room in Brisbane as I arrived to start two weeks of ministry in Australia. The presence was there the Lord was so powerful in my room, and He gave me direction not only for that trip but for my calling to the nation of Australia.

This morning now in July in my quiet room I felt the same presence.

He instructed me to “facilitate a ministry” that would present a platform for Him to bring healing to the nations. I remember clearly He told me that the pandemic had hurt, severely bruised  His, people and that His Church needed to “ Rise up “ like an army.

I immediately knew this was my mandate. Covid had ravaged the earth. The medical and health services globally were unable to give answers to the global community. I knew God was going to raise up an army. In Mark chapter 16 vs 15 -18 it says that believers will lay hands upon the sick, and they will recover. Raise up an army of 300 Healing Ministries to reach to the nations of the world.

That was the instruction that came at that moment as I was on my face before the Lord. So now we start in 2022 here on the Central Coast in Niagara  Park to for start this mandate.

I hope to see you there. God wants to bring Healing to the world starting by equipping  His Church” to go out and lay hands upon the sick and they will be healed in the name of Jesus.

I look forward to seeing you at the revival healing meetings.

Blessings: Mike Rabbolini.

Senior Leader

Healing Word Church

Sydney Australia

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